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We all know that Google is the first place people go to look for what they need. A search for a residential cleaning service is no different. So, how will you compete?

Cleaning Business Sales Essentials

Implement the Sales Method that Will Boost Your Business. Is your cleaning business struggling? Not closing enough sales could be one of the problems.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is still the world's most popular social media site and should be a pillar in your strategy. You can't miss this opportunity for marketing. Excited? You should be!

The High Functioning Office Manager

The high functioning office manager is a major competitive advantage that you need to use. Find out how you can hire the right person.

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Creative Innovation

Cleaning Business Marketing Essentials

There are certain essential elements that every successful cleaning company needs to know about. 

cleaning business SEO

Cleaning Business Marketing Essentials

I’ve done the hard work, and made the mistakes. Let me tell you how to avoid those pitfalls and time wasters.

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Google AdWords

People are actively looking online for your services. Be sure they see you with Google AdWords! When people search Google for keywords like “cleaning service” and their location, we can ensure they know about your business. 

And not only can we raise your business visibility in Google searches, but we can also build a comprehensive digital marketing program that encompasses display advertising, mobile, and more! Best of all, we can track and refine your Google campaigns to ensure that every dollar you spend delivers a strong ROI. 

Google ads for cleaning business
Facebook ads page for cleaning business

Facebook Advertising

Facebook has built the most comprehensive and targeted system for reaching and engaging potential customers. Target customers by zip code, interests, and more, while also growing your organic reach of your non-promotional posts. Capitalize on Facebook’s powerful retargeting system to engage prospects who have already interacted with your page. 

Let us help you use Facebook advertising to connect with—and convert—new customers for your cleaning business. 

Cleaning Business Sales Essentials

 Is your cleaning business struggling? Not closing enough sales could be the problem. 

What’s holding you back from achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of? Is it fear of rejection? Is it a lack of connection with the customer? Do you just not know what to say? 

You see, the problem most cleaning business owners face is that they never learned that selling isn’t a transaction, it’s a process. And by following this process, you can increase your sales exponentially. 

Cleaning Business Sales Essentials
Free eBook

Free eBook

Download & read my free Ebook and start marketing your cleaning business like a pro. The cold, hard truth is that without a marketing strategy in place it’s not possible to grow a large and successful business. Avoid expensive mistakes by learning from an expert who has already been where you are right now. 

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Whether you need a little help or a lot, we’re here for you. We can develop both comprehensive digital marketing programs as well as targeted communications that deliver value.

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Logan Taylor 

President & Founder of Cleaning Business Marketing
and The Dazzle Cleaning Company

About Logan Taylor

I’m Logan Taylor and I want to help you grow your residential cleaning business. I’m an entrepreneur who loves to write about small business sales and marketing. I really enjoy helping business owners strategically grow their businesses and leveraging today’s technology to do it efficiently.

About five years ago, I started a cleaning business with almost nothing. No money. No equipment. No clients. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I ended up working day and night, making a ton of mistakes and probably wasting a lot of time.

It felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel at times, but eventually, it all clicked together.

Today, my residential cleaning company does over $100,000 in sales per month! We’ve been featured on local TV and in local newspapers. We’ve even been mentioned in USA Today, which has a readership over 2.6 million people per day.


I really love helping other people succeed. And that’s why I started Cleaning Business Marketing—to help cleaning business owners just like you grow your business using a smart combination of digital and traditional marketing, as well as some sure-fire sales tactics that boost closing rates. 

I live with my boyfriend in a townhouse in Seattle where I spend my days drinking coffee and plotting how to expand my client’s businesses and my nights getting drunk on white wine and brainstorming how to further my liberal ass gay agenda. I love watching HBO or listening to NPR with my favorite dog, Patsy.