Must Ask Questions When Hiring an SEO Company

Hiring an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field. Google dominates the search engine market with a massive 86.02% share. This means that as Google updates its algorithm you need to update your SEO strategy.

There are multiple measures of SEO results that range from quality of the content, use of keywords, website speed, website security, and more.

That is why most businesses are choosing to opt for a specialized SEO company to optimize their online presence for them. But, hiring an SEO company is a task unto itself. It may become a little less daunting if you know the right questions to ask. And even simpler if you can get a readymade list to use. Like this!

1. What Factors Do You Consider While Creating an SEO Strategy?

A company that understands SEO will undertake a comprehensive strategy that must include:

  • Technical SEO includes website code, structure, speed, and other such factors that directly affect the site traffic. A professional will analyze if search engines can easily crawl your website, review redirects, understand 404 errors, and so on.
  • On-Page SEO is all about user experience that encompasses the content, ease of navigation, quality of keywords, and more.
  • Off-page SEO is all about components of SEO strategy that are outside your website. These can be the backlinks, online buzz, and so on.

2. How Will You Customize Your Strategy to Fit My Cleaning Business? Can You Integrate it with Our Existing Marketing Plans?

Generic SEO does not work in a competitive market. So, ask the SEO agency how they plan on customizing their strategy to work for your residential cleaning business. A local restaurant has completely different SEO needs than a global logistics service provider or a high-end local cleaning company. The SEO company should be able to specifically tell you where they will tailor their approach. 

3. What Tools Will You Be Using?

You will be viewing the reports, how they were generated may not seem important. But, an SEO company that uses different tools for a variety of different tasks certainly knows what they are doing. Ask them about the tools for keyword researching, checking ranking, monitoring backlink performance, competitor analysis, and more.

4. How Do You Quantify Success?

While every SEO project may broadly have similar goals, the real success of an SEO endeavor can only be quantified by what success means to your business. An SEO company who wants to understand your company goals before answering this question should be a winner.

5. When Can We Expect to See the Impact of Your Efforts?

Ask the company if they can show you reports they have generated for past clients and the frequency of reporting. More importantly, ask them to explain the lows and highs of the report. A straightforward increase in traffic may not be the best way to finalize a company. However, a company that can explain the fluctuations with changes in Google’s algorithm, change in competitor strategy, a macro-economic shift or something else will serve you better.

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