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I’m Logan Taylor and I want to help you grow your residential cleaning business. I’m an entrepreneur who loves to write about small business sales and marketing. I really enjoy helping business owners strategically grow their businesses and leveraging today’s technology to do it efficiently.

About five years ago, I started a cleaning business with almost nothing. No money. No equipment. No clients. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I ended up working day and night, making a ton of mistakes and probably wasting a lot of time.

It felt like I was stuck on a hamster wheel at times, but eventually, it all clicked together.

Today, my residential cleaning company does over $100,000 in sales per month! We’ve been featured on local TV and in local newspapers. We’ve even been mentioned in USA Today, which has a readership over 2.6 million people per day.

I really love helping other people succeed. And that’s why I started Cleaning Business Marketing—to help cleaning business owners just like you grow your business using a smart combination of digital and traditional marketing, as well as some sure-fire sales tactics that boost closing rates. 

I live with my boyfriend in a townhouse in Seattle where I spend my days drinking coffee and plotting how to expand my client’s businesses and my nights getting drunk on white wine and brainstorming how to further my liberal ass gay agenda. I love watching HBO or listening to NPR with my favorite dog, Patsy.

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  • Google Ads, set up and management 
  • Retargeting using Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Ads, set up and management
  • Retargeting using the Facebook Pixel and custom audiences
  • Email marketing campaign design, set up and management 

Mmm, kind of, but you’re not yet ready to be a paying client- unless you have money from another source, like you sold a different business and are ready to spend money on marketing. But, that’s the exception. For most cleaning business owners at this level you should download my free ebook. You can also book a free one on one expert marketing consultation with me. It’s probably too early for us to do any services for you but I can help you plan how to get to $10,000 and then $20,000 in monthly sales.

  • Google Ads set up and management starts at $299 per month
  • Facebook Ads set up and management starts at $399 per month

No. We can set up and manage your Google ads for you. We can also create display ads and then set up a Goole retargeting campaign for your company. We can set up and manage your Facebook ads- but you should really start with Google ads. We will also give you some original branded content that you can use on social media. Of course we will install the Facebook Pixel for you, create custom audiences and AB test all of your ads and then get rid of poor performers and slowly up the spend on the highest converting ads. Yes, we can set up Email campaigns for you! We don’t offer SEO services, but I can give you some free SEO help on a free one-on-one expert marketing call. 

We don’t offer any print marketing services. Download my free Ebook, How To Get More Cleaning Clients and learn more there. Spoiler alert: when you’re starting out avoid newspapers and magazines. Go for door hangers and- if you have the budget for it- Every Door Direct Mail.  

Yes! And we can do it fast and with rapid revisions until we have an ad that you love that will also be high converting.

I totally get it. I’ve been there. If you want to grow your business you absolutely have to spend money on marketing, there is not a different option. But- within that framework you have a huge number of options. Book a call with me and I’ll give you several options that include using my company and options that I know you will be able to implement yourself. I’m really happy to help you because 1) it’s fun and 2) when you are ready to uplevel your marketing I’ll be the first person you call! 🙂

Book a one on one expert marketing consultation with me and we will get you set up! 

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