Get New Cleaning Clients
Get New Cleaning Clients – The Cheapest Way

In a competitive market, it is easy to go out of sight of your prospects you do not keep promoting your services via the right media. When you are in the residential cleaning business, you have to stay aggressive in your marketing. However, it is becoming increasingly more expensive to advertise both offline and online to generate leads.

What businesses need to understand is that marketing is not synonymous with advertising. It is possible to generate leads on a shoe string budget. All it takes a little out-of-the-box thinking, faith in those creative solutions, and communicating openly with the customers. Now, that being said, as your revenue grows, so to should your marketing budget. But, if you’re in a place where you have more time than money, then start here first. 

Ask For Reviews

This is the simplest and the cheapest way to generate more leads. It has been well-documented that online reviews influence customer’s buying decisions. A whopping 91% customers in the 18-34 age group trust customer reviews by strangers as much as they trust the advice of their family members and friends.

Whether your business has served one customer or thousands of them, you have to start asking for reviews. A majority of happy customers do not leave reviews, but customers who have had a bad experience are more likely to share it online. So, when you leave a happy customer politely ask them to leave a review. And they will oblige.

Having online reviews will also help you get free leads from third-party lead generation and review sites such as 

Set Up A Referral Program

Referral programs will cost you, but it will be a fraction of your marketing spend. With a monetary or a non-monetary reward for every referral, you will turn your customers into your brand ambassadors. For a local business like residential cleaning services, this can be a gold mine. You can provide your clients with a discount on their next service, a free service, a gift card they can use in the local shops or a similar reward for referring your cleaning business. 

Hang Up Door Hangers!

This works well for businesses in any stage of growth, but especially for the new ones. You may not have much capital to spend and few customers, but hopefully you can carve out some TIME. Take your hangers and hang them up. Blanket the same areas 4-5 times, each blanketing separated by a week or two. Marketing must be repetitive. 

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Hiring an SEO Company
Must Ask Questions When Hiring an SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a dynamic field. Google dominates the search engine market with a massive 86.02% share. This means that as Google updates its algorithm you need to update your SEO strategy.

There are multiple measures of SEO results that range from quality of the content, use of keywords, website speed, website security, and more.

That is why most businesses are choosing to opt for a specialized SEO company to optimize their online presence for them. But, hiring an SEO company is a task unto itself. It may become a little less daunting if you know the right questions to ask. And even simpler if you can get a readymade list to use. Like this!

1. What Factors Do You Consider While Creating an SEO Strategy?

A company that understands SEO will undertake a comprehensive strategy that must include:

  • Technical SEO includes website code, structure, speed, and other such factors that directly affect the site traffic. A professional will analyze if search engines can easily crawl your website, review redirects, understand 404 errors, and so on.
  • On-Page SEO is all about user experience that encompasses the content, ease of navigation, quality of keywords, and more.
  • Off-page SEO is all about components of SEO strategy that are outside your website. These can be the backlinks, online buzz, and so on.

2. How Will You Customize Your Strategy to Fit My Cleaning Business? Can You Integrate it with Our Existing Marketing Plans?

Generic SEO does not work in a competitive market. So, ask the SEO agency how they plan on customizing their strategy to work for your residential cleaning business. A local restaurant has completely different SEO needs than a global logistics service provider or a high-end local cleaning company. The SEO company should be able to specifically tell you where they will tailor their approach. 

3. What Tools Will You Be Using?

You will be viewing the reports, how they were generated may not seem important. But, an SEO company that uses different tools for a variety of different tasks certainly knows what they are doing. Ask them about the tools for keyword researching, checking ranking, monitoring backlink performance, competitor analysis, and more.

4. How Do You Quantify Success?

While every SEO project may broadly have similar goals, the real success of an SEO endeavor can only be quantified by what success means to your business. An SEO company who wants to understand your company goals before answering this question should be a winner.

5. When Can We Expect to See the Impact of Your Efforts?

Ask the company if they can show you reports they have generated for past clients and the frequency of reporting. More importantly, ask them to explain the lows and highs of the report. A straightforward increase in traffic may not be the best way to finalize a company. However, a company that can explain the fluctuations with changes in Google’s algorithm, change in competitor strategy, a macro-economic shift or something else will serve you better.

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Developing a website
Is Your Website is Killing Your Business? Here’s Why and How to Change That

A business website is a storefront for your residential cleaning business online. So, it makes sense for you to invest in a good website. However, in the process of finalizing site maps, improving landing pages, and putting the final cosmetic touches, you may have overlooked another pertinent factor – website speed. Why is website speed a factor in optimizing a website, and how you can make yours faster? Let’s find out.

Speed is Crucial. But, Why?

Faster is always better when it comes to website pages. Study after study has cemented this fact. Here is a complete picture of how reduced website speeds may be impacting your residential cleaning business.

Smaller Attention Spans

Famously, the attention span of humans (8.25 seconds) has gone shorter than that of a goldfish (9 seconds). There are hundreds of distractions pulling users away from your cleaning website. So, if you are not catching them within the few seconds they have the attention for your website, you are going to lose those customers.

Lower Rank

Website load speed is a factor when it comes to search engine rankings. So, if you want your residential cleaning business to stay higher up in the rankings, website speed is a factor you will have to work on. If you are not focusing on the website speed while building your website, you are putting all your efforts and marketing spend in jeopardy.

Reduced Engagement

Website engagement takes a hit when the website speed is not optimized. According to Google, as the page load time for a website increases, its bounce rate jumps. For a website with a load time of 1s to 3s, the bounce rate increases 32%. This bounce rate can jump to a massive 106% if the page load time goes up to 6s. So, even if your customers are coming to your web page, the low speeds are forcing them to leave without interacting with you. That was a converted customer that you just lost.

Revenue Hit

By not working on the website speed, you are incurring a huge opportunity cost. The scale of that cost can be estimated from an example from the eCommerce giant, Amazon. For every 100millisecond improvement in the speed of its website, Amazon increased its revenue by 1%. To put things into perspective, that means that if Amazon reduces its website speed by even a second, it stands to incur losses in the bracket of $1.6billion. You can extrapolate this to your residential cleaning business.s

Improving Website Speed

Now that the studies and numbers have firmly established that website speed impact your residential cleaning business in multiple ways, it’s time to understand how you can improve your website speed and benefit from it.

Identify Issues

There are many tools in the market that are available to you that you can use to find out the current situation of your website. Most are free too! Once you identify the issue and how bad the situation is, you can then start working on solving it.

Google’s Page Speed Insights is the tool to start with when you are working on improving your website speed. The tool developed by Google analyzes the web page you enter the link for and then provide you with suggestions to help you make a page load faster.

You can also access Google Webmaster Central for posts about speed and discover more helpful tools from Google.

There are other tools like WebPage Test, GTmetrix, and more that you can use to get a baseline on your website performance and work up from there.

Optimize Information

With every page you analyze with Google Page Insights, you will get the speeds you currently have for your web page on both desktop and mobile. It will provide you basic strategies to work with that you can implement right away. Reducing the size of the images on the pages, reducing the number of large files, reducing server calls, and more. More importantly, it will prioritize these tasks for you. So, the tasks that are marked high in priority will have the most profound impact.

Usually, the first step towards correcting speeds is to cut down on files and their sizes that are needed to load the web page correctly. It has been observed that the average webpage size across industries is 1.88MB. However, the recommended size is a measly 500KB. So, that is a standard you should aim for. So when developing your website, keep this in mind.

Developing a Website? Use Cache

It is possible to cache the most recent version of your webpages. When it’s done, the browser does not need to load the entire page again. This can drastically reduce the page load times and automatically improve website performance without making any changes to the actual web page. Most popular content management systems like WordPress have plugins that can do it for you.

Clicks to Conversions

You invest in developing a website, populating it with engaging content, optimizing it for search engines and marketing it on the internet, only for the customer to close the tab because it did not load in 3 seconds. That is not ideal. You have to make sure that your customer covers the last mile from the click to conversion. Good website speed will do it for you.

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