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Try the Sales Method that Will Boost Your Business

What is your strategic sales process?  Don’t have one? That’s a problem.

What’s holding you back from achieving the success you’ve always dreamed of? Is it fear of rejection? Is it a lack of connection with the customer? Do you just not know what to say?

You see, the problem most cleaning business owners face is that they never learned that selling isn’t a transaction, it’s a process.

Do you close 90% of prospects without a strategic sales process? That means you have a different problem. You’re under-charging and leaving money on the table. Without a strategic sales process in place then you will not be able to charge what your high-profit competitors are charging.

If you’re having trouble growing your cleaning business, it’s time to get help. This Cleaning Business Sales 101 course is exactly what you need to boost your sales!

Maximize Your Opportunities and Your Marketing Budget 

I’ve developed a system that my million dollar cleaning company uses that delivers consistent, real results fast. The Cleaning Business Sales 101 course gives you all the tools you need to achieve consistent sales growth. This includes:

  • Comprehensive end-to-end sales process implementation instructions
  • 4 hours of video training
  • Detailed sales documents ready for immediate use
  • High-converting email scripts for one-time cleanings, recurring service cleanings, move out cleanings, and short-term rental cleanings
  • And MORE!

Now, you need to have a high-quality marketing system in place but without having a strategic sales process in place then a lot of those marketing dollars are just going down the toilet. This course will teach you how to get more sales for every dollar spent on marketing. Once you finish this course, you’ll know how to make the most of every opportunity and get the most value out of every single customer. Every single time.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Logan Taylor! I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for helping businesses just like yours win more sales. I started my cleaning business only five years ago, and it’s now earning more than $1.2 million in annual sales.

But that didn’t happen overnight. I started my business with almost nothing—no money, equipment, or clients—and I made a lot of mistakes on the way. It turns out that making those mistakes taught me a lot about what it takes to achieve a high closing rate on my sales. And that’s the basis for the Cleaning Business Sales Essentials course.

I’ve developed a proven system for getting more clients, upselling additional services, and increasing profitability. I’ve created all sorts of content—blog posts, videos, email templates, and more—just to help cleaning business owners get the most out of their opportunities with every single client.

So skip all the headaches I went through and get right to making money. Sign up for Cleaning Business Sales 101 today!

Only $399 $299 to Unlock Your Sales Potential!

If you’re ready to kick your residential cleaning business sales essentials into overdrive, simply fill out this form to get the Cleaning Business Sales 101. Now $100 off!

What You Get

They say the devil is in the details. That’s why I believe in complete transparency. Here’s everything you get when you order the Cleaning Business Sales 101 course:

  • Comprehensive end to end sales skills development and process implementation
  • 4 hours of video training 
  • Downloadable course syllabus
  • Step by step walk through of sales process for $1.2 million cleaning company
  • Pre-class Sales & Marketing Business Evaluation 
  • Complete set of sales documents that you can immediately begin using in your own cleaning company including:
    • High converting email quotes for one time cleanings, recurring service cleanings, move out cleanings, short term rental cleanings 
  • 18 module series topics include:
    • The 8 Steps to The Cleaning Business Sales Process ™
    • Creating Intimacy in a Digital World
    • Effectively Handling Objections 
    • Importance of and How To Retarget 
    • What You Absolutely Must Stop Doing Immediately 
    • The Golden Rules of Cleaning Business Sales 
    • Step-by-step Web Based Sales Conversion Kit 
    • Phone Based Sales Conversion Kit Step-by-step
    • Step-by-step In-Home Estimates Conversion Kit 
    • Understanding How, Why & When to use KPIs (key performance indicators)
    • Why and How to Easily Track and Measure Your Conversions
  • Completion certification 

Bonus Content

Sign up now and you’ll get even more content to help you on your journey to total sales mastery.

  • Special Bonus Materials:
    • How to Immediately Increase Profit Without Increasing Prices or Number of Clients 
    • 5 Automations to Save You Time and Money 
    • How to know when to (and how to) hire a sales person

Plus, all course participants get invited to my private Facebook group where we trade stories, tips, and more.

Buy Both Courses and SAVE!

If you need help honing both your sales and marketing skills, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve packaged both my Cleaning Business Sales 101 AND my Cleaning Business Marketing Master Class into one low-cost bundle!



BUNDLE, $499! (or 3 payments of $199) 



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